Sandy's Last Minute Gift Guide!


I actually know some people who have all gifts bought (and wrapped..ugh!), houses decorated, cookies baked, etc., etc.. Really?! I’ve never understood how anyone can be so organized! At this point in my life, I’ve pretty much given up aspiring to such lofty things, but it certainly sounds lovely. This is how bad I am this year. I took some cumbersome display items out of my garage to my storage unit so I could at least move around a bit in my garage. While at the storage unit I happened to see my Christmas boxes (last year, in my tidying period I even took the time to go through 40 yrs of Christmas stuff and pared it down to just my very favorites). I considered collecting the few boxes to take home, reconsidered, then shook my head and said to myself “maybe next year”. Isn’t that awful?

Decorations or not, I DO have gifts to buy. Have I begun? Of course not! Everything in my world is always last minute. So, if you’re like me…I can help :) I’ve got some great gift ideas for the various people on your list that you can find in my shop. If you’re anywhere in the greater Cincinnati area, I’ll deliver your goodies right to your door. If you’re out of town, or sending to someone out of town, I’ll get it where it’s going before Christmas (as long as I have your order by the 19th), and shipping is always FREE. Breathe easy....there's still Time :) So without further ado…I give you Sandy’s Ultimate (last minute) gift guide!

Woven Turkish Throws

Can you believe it? For 24 hours only, ALL of my beautiful new woven Turkish throws are 20% off! (through Wed 12/19). They’re soft and warm, and really lovely. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to please anyone on your list.

Woven turkish throws 1.jpg
Woven turkish throws 2.jpg
Woven turkish throws 3.jpg
Woven turkish throws 4.jpg
Woven turkish throws 5.jpg

Tie Dyed Notebooks and Stars

I found these little tie dyed notebooks ($2) and stars ($4) at the Borsang Parasol Factory outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. They’re made from rice paper, from the neat rice fields you see all around the area. I was enchanted :) They make great stocking stuffers. There’s a large star ($10) too, that comes with a light cord, so it can be a neat hanging light. (For that person who has everything…bet they don’t have one of these) Great for hanging in kid’s rooms, too.

Tie Dye 1.jpg
Tie dye 2.jpg
Tie dye 3.jpg
Tie dye 4.jpg

Bamboo Turkish Towel

On my recent trip to Turkey I found some beautiful new towels ($42.50) that are just a bit more upscale and pricier than most of my collection. They were so absolutely beautiful that I really couldn‘t resist, and so thought we should give them a whirl. These are luscious, you want to wrap yourself in one, and never come out. They’re soft, stretchy and oh so fluffy. Treat someone special to one of these. As always, they are a wonderful, absorbent towel, but they’re also a great little throw or wrap. They’d be perfect for cuddling a baby as well . They are 65% cotton and 35% bamboo.

bamboo turkish towel 1.jpg
bamboo turkish towel 2.jpg
Bamboo turkish towel 3.jpg

Bags, bags and more bags!

If you haven’t noticed I have somewhat of an affinity for bags, any and all. I truly am the original bag lady :) I’m not sure I know anyone who couldn’t use another bag for something…shopping, travel, knitting, work, beach, diapers, and just plain stuff. Here’s an assortment for you…my neat new hand dyed Shibori bag (and another, from $32.50), my fun new Turkish towel tote (available in assorted colors, from $20), my old Bali patchwork bags (now 50% off, only a few left, from $16.25), and my sweet little hilltribe fabric drawstrings with long strings ($2.50) for wearing…kids of all ages love these!

bags 1.jpg
bags 2.jpg
bags 3.jpg
bags 4.jpg
bags 5.jpg
bags 6.jpg

Luxury Turkish Towels

Last year I completely sold out of my very popular Luxury Herringbone and Elmas (Patterned medium weight) Turkish towels (from $29.50). People bought them for gifts, for scarves, for small throws, and many bought them for keeping at work on the back of their chair (good idea:) In Turkey, I replenished my stock of both of those, and found these fun new small Elmas in 4 soft colors. To help you out a bit, ALL 3 of these popular, heavyweight towels (Luxury Herringbone, Elmas and Small Elmas), in all colors will also be 20% OFF for 24 hours only (through Wed 12/19) :)

luxury turkish towels 1.jpg
luxury turkish towels 2.jpg
luxury turkish towels 3.jpg
luxury turkish towels 4.jpg
luxury turkish towels 5.jpg

Evil Eyes

Now here are a few of my very favorites…for young and old, and anyone you know :) Do you really know anyone who couldn’t use some protection and good luck? These are a very big deal in Turkey, they’re given to new babies and children, and they hang in windows, at doors, and are often even embedded in sidewalks, walls, etc. These new glass eyes (available in 3 sizes, from $7.50) were each hand fired and made by my new friend Huseyin, just for me:) I also have a new fun and colorful bracelet ($12.50), and for the first time, kid’s ($6.50) and infant’s bracelets ($4.50).

evil eyes 1.jpg
evil eyes 2.jpg
evil eyes 3.jpg
evil eyes 4.jpg
evil eyes 5.jpg
evil eyes 6.jpg

New, Fun Fish Towel

Ok, think fun, spring and color! My very favorite addition of all must be my fun new fish towel ($31) :) Besides bags, I also have a hard time resisting almost anything fish. These towels are not only pretty, they’re oh so soft. They’ll be a treat after your shower, fun and useful at the beach, and a perfect kid towel. They’re double layer so they’re sort of puffy, and, as you can see, the back side has opposite colors :) Pics aren’t great but wanted to see if I could almost let you feel them. I’m also showing you here my fun new lightweight candy stripe ($22) in a matching blue.

fun fish towel 1.jpg
fun fish towel 2.jpg
fun fish towel 3.jpg
fun fish towel 4.jpg

Hand loomed table runners (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Perhaps your mom, wife, friend or auntie is one who appreciates hand made treasures. These unique table runners (from $15) were each woven on back strap looms by the ladies of Santo Tomas Jalieza, Mexico. The process is tedious and I’m certain, extremely lengthy. These will brighten and class up any dining room or kitchen, or put them over the top of a dresser or piano. They’d make a really nice gift paired with some of my pretty and useful napkins from Guatemala ($1.75) and Mexico ($1.75). ALL are on SALE at ridiculous prices…quite frankly, I’m just plain running out of space :)

hand loomed table runners 1.jpg
hand loomed table runners 2.jpg
hand loomed table runners 3.jpg
hand loomed table runners 4.jpg
hand loomed table runners 5.jpg

Kids robes and ponchos

A few more ideas and and sale items for you, and I’ll let you get to shopping :) I can’t say enough about these wonderful kid’s ponchos and robes ($28.50). They were on my list to buy, but everything I saw didn’t come close to measuring up to what I wanted and had in mind. At the very last weaver’s I found exactly what I wanted…they’re far better than what I’d hoped for and at a much better price. I’m not exaggerating, these are quality, quality, quality! And, they’re prewashed, so not itchy (my grands won’t even wear it if it’s scratchy), and shrinkage should be minimal. I’d say they run true to size, if anything they may run a bit big. You’ve GOT to try one for the little one (or one’s) in your life. And then, please let me know:)

kids robes and ponchos 1.jpg
kids robes and ponchos 2.jpg
kids robes and ponchos 3.jpg
kids robes and ponchos 4.jpg

I had an order the other day from a young fellow, and I was most impressed with his shopping abilities. He looked through the store and all of my sale items, and picked out 4 really nice, unique and useful items for his wife…all for $30! I sent him an email commending him on his good and thoughtful purchase.

Hand tie dyed towel and Turkish basics

There are still many unique, fun and useful goodies available online, if you take a bit of time to look. There are also still quite a few Turkish towels at excellent discounts, from collections I won’t be carrying any more, or that I only have a few of. I’m DISCOUNTING even further, the price on my hand tie dyed towel ($15), and my basics ($13.50) (I’ll be carrying a whole line of basics, but in different colors)…they make great gifts!

other towels 1.jpg
other towels 2.jpg

BOGO Buddah and Meditation Supplies!

Last, but not least (maybe?)…my meditation/buddah items. I hate to admit it, but these probably weren’t my very best purchase ever. And, I thought they were wonderful, and said to myself…everybody will just LOVE this stuff. That said, I’ve got lots!!!! Please help me out and buy some (the prices are crazy)! Here’s the deal I have for you…for every buddah/meditation item you buy, I’ll give you another of the same for free:) It’ll work well for you if you have any friends, family or coworkers who meditate.

buddah 1.jpg
buddah 2.jpg
buddah 3.jpg

As before, I’ll include a tin ornament for every $25 you spend. I’ll also include a hand fired evil eye bead and twine for you to gift wrap your towel purchase.

wraped towel.jpg

Now remember, I’ll need your order by the end of tomorrow in order to mail in time for Christmas. All local orders will be delivered. AND, certain items, like the throws will only be on sale for 24 hrs.

Enjoy your shopping experience! And thanks so very much for supporting me.

The Happiest of Holidays to you all!


The Whirling Girl