Planning the perfect USA road trip!

This is my itinerary for my whirl around the USA.  I find myself with a very brief window of opportunity for a whirling girl adventure.  While I usually head off to a country unknown to me, I didn't have enough time to research goodies in a far off land, or enough time to investigate and plan properly.  I also feel that I should get some more sales under my belt and accomplish some important business tasks and goals, hopefully taking The Whirling Girl to the next level.  I have Nepal in my sights for October, so I have a great deal to learn and do before then.

I'm in desperate need of some excitement and new experiences.  I need to meet lots of new people (AND catch up with some family that I haven't seen in many years!!!!), see what all is out there, and share it via this new blog, that I am learning just now.  I bought a USA rail pass for $459, which allows me 15 days and 8 segments.  Calculating the segments was a bit of a task, but I finally got it figured out.  I'll be traveling the west via Amtrak, getting back and forth from Cinti. and Chicago by Megabus for $40 round trip.  I'll spend one day at home (regrouping and repacking)  and then take off in my dandy little 2011 Ford Fiesta to do the east, visiting cousins all along the way.

As a youth, I traveled all over the US and Canada, camping with my mom and brother, for a month each summer.  No doubt that's where I developed my insatiable yearning to get (and stay) on the open road.  Seems a reasonable idea to make a quick lap of our great country to refresh the spirit of young Sandy.

My goals are to see as much and meet as many as possible, in a 3 week period.  AND, to do it as cheaply as possible.  I've put together a budget, and I intend to do my best to stick to it.

rail pass $459, megabus $40, gas $145, hotel/New Orleans $98...ugh! (may change my mind, be brave and try the mixed 8 bed dorm room hostel for $40), and food,etc. $220 ($10 per day X 22).       Total of $909   I shall let you know how it goes!


This is my crew...the SCHAEFER-MERRILLS   I'm the perky older little girl, bottom center

This is my crew...the SCHAEFER-MERRILLS   I'm the perky older little girl, bottom center

For those of you who don't know me just yet, thought perhaps it may be helpful to have a visual.  I'll assume that I have a clue how to do this blog thing well enough, and I will continue throughout my adventure beginning March 2.  As there is no wifi on the train, I intend to Instagram my way around the country as well.  I'm pretty sure it's Instagram/whirlinggirl2015.

So, that's my story.  We'll see just where and how it goes from here.  Should be tremendous fun!!!